We want you to be safe when ordering products:
  • We want to provide you with general tips on how to handle offers.
  • We want to help you understand the “Do’s and Don’ts.” 
These helpful tips are courtesy of our experienced customer service staff.
1.  Before you authorize any order:
  • ALWAYS read, print, or make a copy of the terms & conditions.
  • ALWAYS read the terms & conditions completely for any hidden or added charges.
  • ALWAYS make sure you understand the terms & conditions.
  • ALWAYS make sure you agree to the terms & conditions.
  • NEVER enter account numbers or give other sensitive personal financial information, unless you can validate the authenticity of the requestor. 
  • NEVER enter or give account numbers, unless you are certain you can pay the cost of the order and/or product.
2.  After you authorize any order:
  • ALWAYS print or write down the details of your order for your records.  
  • ALWAYS make sure to deduct the cost of the order from your bank account.
  • ALWAYS keep the customer service phone number for updates on your order status.
3.  Overall, keep in mind the following safeguards:
  • ALWAYS safeguard your sensitive information (even at home).  
  • ALWAYS shred personal and financial information before discarding it.
  • NEVER store your sensitive information on your computer. 
  • NEVER leave sensitive materials out (i.e. checkbooks and account statements).  
4.  Overall, when contacting Customer Service:
  • ALWAYS contact Customer Service immediately if you want to cancel the order.
  • REMEMBER the terms & conditions should include a specific cancellation period. If not, beware. 
  • REMEMBER only the designated Customer Service Center will have the tools to access information about your order. 
  • ALWAYS allow Customer Service at least 24-48 business hours to contact you back.
  • ALWAYS use and follow all their means of communication. 
We hope you find these tips and information helpful.  If you have questions or need updates on your orders, please remember we are here to help you.
Remember, the best way to communicate with us is by sending us an E-mail.

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